Bone Densitometer

  • Safe and speedy measurement
  • High correlativity to DEXA
  • Ultra-compact and Ultra-light weight
  • Easy-to-view Color LCD Display
  • Data management on PC available

CM-300 is a bone densitometer using ultrasound to measure speed of sound (SOS) in the heel. As it does not use radio active X-ray, the measurement is safe and it is perfect for primary screening of children and pregnant women. Measuring procedure is very simple, apply gel to a heel and position the foot, align cylinder then press START key. Within 10 seconds, result is printed out from onboard printer. Because the size and weight are so small, it can be carried to any place for measurement.

While CM-300 is connected to PC with an optional data management software installed, remote operation and management of database for measured data is available.

Digital Hemoglobin meter

Providing lab accuracy and ease of use, the HemoCue 201+ System has become a standard in Hb point-of-care testing. Healthcare providers around the world rely on the immediate results so they can make the right decisions when they need them most — right at the point of care.

Have confidence in your answers at the point of care

  • Precise factory calibration against the ICSH reference method
  • Patented microcuvette technology with excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Date and time storage for up to 600 results
  • Blood-based liquid controls available


Features and Specifications

  • Completely click less interrupt.
  • +20dB key.
  • Masking: - Wide, Narrow & Speech band noise.
  • Tone Decay test.
  • Pulse Tone function.
  • Bone conduction:- 250Hz(50dB), 500Hz(70dB), 750Hz(70dB), 1Khz(70dB), 1.5Khz(70dB), 2Khz(70dB), 3Khz(70dB), 4Khz(70dB), 6Khz(70dB).
  • Air conduction:- 250Hz(90dB), 500Hz(120dB), 750Hz(120dB), 1Khz(120dB), 1.5Khz(120dB), 2Khz(120dB), 3Khz(120dB), 4Khz(120dB), 6Khz(100dB), 8Khz(100dB).
  • Provided with Radioear B71 bone vibrator and HD-01 headphones. (TDH-49 optional)
  • Complete digital calibration.
  • Can be connected to a computer via USB and operated as a PC based audiometer.
  • PC software provided free of cost in standard packing.
  • Small form factor
  • Award winning design. (Cypress Design contest 2002, U.S.A.)
  • Possible to connect to free-field Amplifier via separate junction box.

Digital Biothesiometer

Vibration Perception Threshold (VPT) has been shown to be strongly associated with foot ulceration. VPT determination by using a Digital Biothesiometer has been used to identify perpheral sensory neuropathy and subjects at risk of foot. Digital Biothesiometer helps us quantitate the threshold and monitor progressive changes or trends on following up testing.


  • Full solid state design with PC Connection
  • Digital 0 to 50 volts indicator
  • Remote key on probe transfers the data to PC
  • 4 different report format to select by the user
  • Connectivity to Computer through USB